4:23 PM


There's only 2-3 more days of summer until school starts. I'm pretty satisfied with my A- in human factors engineering class over the summer.

I'm frustrated because I seemed to have misplaced my little idea book.

I enjoy making my cute little charms and plushies.. its just that the things that I make are pretty generic. Common items with cute faces. I don't mind it but I really want to make something more original. My own original cute character(s).

But I'm having a hard time because everything I come up with looks like something someone else has done.

I also still want to put out this comic that I've had in my head for a very long time now. I reinstalled photoshop and illustrator on my windows 7. I'm having trouble coming up with an original look for those characters also. They mostly come out looking like chibi characters.. anime look isn't exactly original, although regardless of what I say I know in the end (if there ever is one) the final will have anime influences.

I've always been really good at copying things.. music, art.. but not so good with original. I don't know how people do it. What's in my head never comes out the way it's supposed to.. even when I talk.