3:08 AM

i just got back from dallas. i was a special guest in my best friend's band "otenki" and played keyboard and synths. it was pretty fun even though i was a little tense.. it was my first time being in front of that many people since my modeling days. i received a few compliments, gave 2 autographs, and took some pictures with a few people who asked to take a picture with me.. i kinda felt like i was at the anime convention but without a cosplay! one thing that sucked was a few hours later, i was walking to the merch booth and these 2 giant dudes came at me.. they were fighting each other and the bigger dude was wailing punches like he was swimming.. they ran into my bf and the guy missed and punched me dead in the stomach.. he got me reeaaaall good right underneath my sternum. i thought i was going to puke for a long time. i was in shock for awhile.. i'd never been hit by anyone so huge. it's still a bit sore but i'm okay. i might put some pictures up later.. my camera's battery is dead.

to any kingdom hearts fans.. this is just amazing.. breath taking.. .

i also lol'd at the end. "that was so epic too"

this is a traditional way of singing stories in vietnamese.. this guy just did it in english.. probably funny for just the viets lol

[my dad wants me to write the lyrics so he can sing it]

the beginning is gay but it gets pretty funny.

4:10 PM

can you spot justin timberlake?

5:05 AM

one of my favorite SNL skits.. i still think the guy from transformers is cute.

5:01 AM

if you didnt know, roombas are little automatic vacuum cleaners that change direction when they hit walls.. you can also get them with remotes. i plan on getting a roomba for my new wood floor in my room.. unfortunately i don't have a 'driver'

4:55 AM

so i failed at keeping up with writing in a blog again lol.

i just finished my first semester of grad school. pretty challenging.. stressful, yet i HATE to admit i've learned more this way. i got accepted to the applied cognitive psychology sub-plan. i have to go to research lab every monday and be involved in a research study. i'm already taking part of one for my research and statistics class on color and memory.. anyway i'll stop there before i bore you. the most interesting class was my learning class. technically how people and animals learn. we went to rat lab and each group had a rat, and we taught him how to pull a chain to turn on a light, the press the lever for 1 food pellet. he learned so fast! rats are so intelligent.. i miss my pet rat. they're like little dogs that crave your attention and know their names and do tricks for you and groom you. most people are just too closed minded to see through the fact that they're "rats".. like rats are a bad thing or something.. another stereotype.