6:22 PM

i was happy today when my dad asked me, "are you going anywhere tonight? are your friends coming over tonight? i can make them an extra steak."

he's been more accepting and nicer to my friends =]
lots of them having been coming over lately.. staying the night or hanging out.

when i was playing guitar hero i noticed the side of my bum had a fresh mosquito bite.. very very big and itchy. a few minutes later my mom says, "omg there's a huge weird bug next to you! i hope that's not what bit you!!" she puts it in a napkin but doesn't kill it. i look at the bug and its an extremely overweight mosquito that can't fly..

i'm still itchy.

i've been upgrading my computer and my mom's computer.

i thought i installed the power supply wrong and i was checking and re-checking everything.. i got tired, gave up, and went to bed.

i went to look at it today.. my mom unplugged the power surge.

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