i thought i'd put this together for anyone who wants to play.. the other guides were similar but i found my way to be the quickest and for the quickest download.

wanna play RO2?

1. first download - http://www.mysyro.de/ro2/RagII_OB.rar

2. then register here while you're waiting - http://www.euphro2.com/other/Register.html

3. then download applocale - http://www.microsoft.com/globaldev/tools/apploc.mspx
(you must have a valid windows key, otherwise http://www.freefunfiles.com/software/systemutilities/microsoftupdates/applocale-utility.html)

4. extract the contents of the CB3 folder in the rar into C:\Program Files\Gravity\Ragnarok II\

5. now open your applocale and choose to open the ragnarok2.exe file and after you click next it should already have the korean font highlighted for you.. it should ask if you want to make a shortcut, click yes. (you can't open the ragnarok2.exe file without using applocale otherwise the program will error)

the launcher should open up and load something and then ask you something.. click the yes option and it should update
you must update fully.. it may take a while

6. Open Notepad.

7. Copy and Paste the following into notepad:

system\ragii.exe ServerIP= ServerPort=64000 WindowSizeX=1024 WindowSizeY=768 WindowHz=60 WindowMode=1

8. Save in the RO2 folder as Rag2.bat

9. download the translation patch here www.mnlust.net under downloads, then click the normal korean client

10. Extract and overwrite all files with the stuff from the translation site

11. Double click the .bat file you made and login with the account you made on the registration page

also when you open the .bat file it might take a few seconds to load.. and you'll have to use that file everytime to play so you might want to create a shortcut to put on your desktop

comment this blog with your ign if you end up playing! you dont have to be a blogspot member just click "others"

guide by mzkitty some credits to nibelungen

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  1. Nibelungen Says:

    Just gotta update your info for the .bat file we changed the port, hope to see you ingame sometime, msg me im [GM] Nibelungen ^^

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