so i really like wearing lingerie.. it makes me feel really confident. the only problem is buying it. why does it cost more to buy a piece of clothing with less materials? i don't want to pay as much for a bra as i would a tee-shirt. you may think "oh its the quality" or "the amount of work put into it" but believe you me i've seen lingerie with cheaply made seams and what not that still cost more than a nice shirt. and what cost even more are corsets.. god i love wearing those but god those are expensive! i'm talking in the hundreds here. someone please teach me how to use my sewing machine so i can make my own.

2 Responses to "mzkitty's rant on lingerie"

  1. Meteo Says:

    idk I googled "DIY Lingerie"

  2. Mark Says:

    If I knew how to make lingerie, I wouldn't be single and broke =oT

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