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might not be real


compilation #1

compilation #2

"After being hit from behind by a motorcycle Sunday evening, a 32-year-old woman was left lying near a crosswalk in Fort Collins, Colorado. Two women witnessed the accident and called police. She had been knocked out from the hit and had a broken and bleeding left arm ,said one of the women on the seen.

A small crowd around the lady had formed quickly in the busy neighborhood off of Boardwalk Ave. When paramedics arrived she was still unconscious. The paramedics were stretching the victim out to examine her injuries ,said one witness. They took her fanny pack off and pulled it up with an iPod attached. The iPod had wires to her ears but also wires running into her shorts.

“This was a serious accident”, said one witnesses, “but when they pulled that vibrator hooked to her iPod out of her shorts you could see everyone’s faces turn red. She was lucky she was still knocked out for the ride to the hospital. I don’t think I could have survived the embarrassment”."

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if you're having trouble staying awake at school or work, it's actually better to drink small amounts of caffeine throughout the day.. instead of drinking alot in the morning. this keeps to fight the sleepiness by keeping small amounts of caffeine in your brain.. otherwise the caffeine intake will keep falling and you'll get tired again.


• People involved in adult films are "corrupter of the world," Iran's parliament says
• Producers, directors, cameramen and actors could face the death penalty
• Distributors and producers of pornographic Web sites could also face death
• The vote follows the leaking of a sex tape allegedly involving an Iranian actress

would you die for your porn? lol


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ever wonder what the earth looks like at night from further away? this picture puts together a bunch of nighttime pictures and the lights coming from the earth.. very pretty


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holy crap its a penis shark

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In England, a woman and a man who were in an "open" relationship had ended a while back. They were still on good terms and were at a party together. At the party they found themselves arguing, and the woman "grabbed his genitals and 'pulled hard'." The man found himself pantless and in pain. The woman had ripped off one of his testicles. When she noticed she had ripped one off, she tried to put it in her mouth and swallow it. She choked and spit it back into her hand. A friend grabbed the testicle and gave it back to the guy, who had it reattached. The woman claims she never meant to harm him and is "not a violent person."

lol its surprising the things you can do when you're mad.


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so i was watching some stuff and i thought these sounded pretty cool

nothing better by postal service

harder, better, faster, stronger by daft punk

this one is pretty cool, and the guy on the right really wants to dance lol i like when the guy starts singing the really high part starting around 2:00

nintendo songs

lol "boot it up" i can't figure out all the songs.. can someone help me out??

the rest [link]