female or shemale.. take the quiz!
i actually got 13/16 lol

5:41 AM

The Shock Knife delivers up to 7500 volts but less than 1 milliamp. Activated at the touch of a button, it has four different modes: “Low”, “Med”, “Hi”, and “X”. The Shock Knife is made from an ultradurable polycarbonate blend and features a no-slip handle to ensure maximum grippage.

Need training against a knife but don’t want to look like Zsasz from Batman? Use the Shocknife, which looks like a knife, hurts like a knife, but doesn’t cut your skin.

5:35 AM

this guy is owned for life.. why would you want to say anything like that on the internet.. he'll never get a girl now. [link]

make your own mp3 player [link]

i'd do it if i didnt already have an ipod ;p

haha this guy owned himself putting his desktop online.. can you spot it??


5:10 AM

pictures are back!

statistics show you have a higher chance of dying from falling than from a gun [link]

12:09 AM