this is my extremely talented husband miyavi. [isnt that a lovely picture of us together??] i thought i'd brag about him since most of you probably don't know who he is. he is an ex member of a goth jrock band, and has changed his style since then. i love his style and he's a really hyper goofball who doesn't care what anyone thinks. he has the most adorable laugh with a squeak. when it comes to his own music, he likes to do a little of everything.. some punk sounding, some metal sounding, slower, cruising music, and even a little jazzy sound.

in my opinion, he's one of the best guitarists ever. anyone who knows anything about music can appreciate this wonderful man.

i wish i could do that.. i can't even snap left handed much less do guitar slaps

this is an upbeat song he sings with a funny voice. i still like it. his guitar playing is amazing and his mouth is sexy in this one.. oops did i say that. "are you ready to rock"

okay so this is funny to me but maybe not to you.. the host of the show meevers usually plays on is dancing to his song "senor senora senorita" that guy has balls to dance like that on tv. [OMG myv's laugh is so adorable!]

okay this is my favorite rock song from miyavi.. nothing hardcore but still good. "coo quack cluck ku ku ru"

this song is called we love you.. this has a jack johnson/john mayer sound to it. i love the ending hahah.

this is a cover of nirvana's blew.. people either love it or hate it. the sound of his voice matches well.. i heard he's working on his english!

**this is my FAVORITE slow song of his. itoshii hito [link] meaning "my dear." sorry this version is so long. i like it when the song gets louder, and his breathing is more intense.. hot. you can really tell at that point of the song that he's singing from his heart. i really admire that.

*another slower sounding song called yappari megumi ga suki [link].. meaning "i'm in love with a goddess".. i really like this one too

okay that's enough meevers for you guys. just thought i'd introduce him.

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  1. meeee Says:

    "hey there wassup!?!... uh...wait hold"

    how gayz haha

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