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so the other day in one of my psych classes, we were talking about delayed gratification vs instant gratification. they were actually talking about which one really works when trying to get a child to do something.. such has making good grades you get a car at the end of the year. some people strongly believe in working for things and then having their happiness in the end.

i dont believe in such things.

why would you want to put yourself through hell for a long period of time to get one thing? what if you end up not getting it? or dying? or once you get it, it doesn't even make you happy? seems like a waste to me. i believe in instant gratification. live in the now.. don't hold off happiness in your life for later. if you're gonna work for something.. at least enjoy yourself while you're working. that way, getting to your goal will be faster, and not a great loss if the goal wasn't what you really wanted. and there's no point in wasting your time regretting something when you can just do something about it or move on to something else. life is too short. stop rushing everything you do. enjoy your car rides to work. enjoy going to school. don't spend your life rushing to the next thing. people just rush through highschool to get to college, rush through college to get a job, rush through there to retire. then people say things like "don't you wish things were like how they were back in the day when [blah blah blah]?" so just sit back, slow down, and enjoy what you have now. every second of it.

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  1. mark Says:

    hey, i remembered you posted a picture of a person standing next to a mirror that had on a shirt that said I love you and the reflection says I hate you?? im prob off on the message but do you know what im talking about? do you still have that picture?? If so, can you e-mail it to me at gooklemale@gmail.com and title it "lien"? thanks!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    LaZy: Thats Right!

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