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so the other day in one of my psych classes, we were talking about delayed gratification vs instant gratification. they were actually talking about which one really works when trying to get a child to do something.. such has making good grades you get a car at the end of the year. some people strongly believe in working for things and then having their happiness in the end.

i dont believe in such things.

why would you want to put yourself through hell for a long period of time to get one thing? what if you end up not getting it? or dying? or once you get it, it doesn't even make you happy? seems like a waste to me. i believe in instant gratification. live in the now.. don't hold off happiness in your life for later. if you're gonna work for something.. at least enjoy yourself while you're working. that way, getting to your goal will be faster, and not a great loss if the goal wasn't what you really wanted. and there's no point in wasting your time regretting something when you can just do something about it or move on to something else. life is too short. stop rushing everything you do. enjoy your car rides to work. enjoy going to school. don't spend your life rushing to the next thing. people just rush through highschool to get to college, rush through college to get a job, rush through there to retire. then people say things like "don't you wish things were like how they were back in the day when [blah blah blah]?" so just sit back, slow down, and enjoy what you have now. every second of it.

amazing bird.

6:06 AM

that's so cool.. all beatboxers should have parrots.

6:04 AM

*some of these are repeated in the middle one but there's also new ones in there too.. same goes with the cats.

5:57 AM

this is my extremely talented husband miyavi. [isnt that a lovely picture of us together??] i thought i'd brag about him since most of you probably don't know who he is. he is an ex member of a goth jrock band, and has changed his style since then. i love his style and he's a really hyper goofball who doesn't care what anyone thinks. he has the most adorable laugh with a squeak. when it comes to his own music, he likes to do a little of everything.. some punk sounding, some metal sounding, slower, cruising music, and even a little jazzy sound.

in my opinion, he's one of the best guitarists ever. anyone who knows anything about music can appreciate this wonderful man.

i wish i could do that.. i can't even snap left handed much less do guitar slaps

this is an upbeat song he sings with a funny voice. i still like it. his guitar playing is amazing and his mouth is sexy in this one.. oops did i say that. "are you ready to rock"

okay so this is funny to me but maybe not to you.. the host of the show meevers usually plays on is dancing to his song "senor senora senorita" that guy has balls to dance like that on tv. [OMG myv's laugh is so adorable!]

okay this is my favorite rock song from miyavi.. nothing hardcore but still good. "coo quack cluck ku ku ru"

this song is called we love you.. this has a jack johnson/john mayer sound to it. i love the ending hahah.

this is a cover of nirvana's blew.. people either love it or hate it. the sound of his voice matches well.. i heard he's working on his english!

**this is my FAVORITE slow song of his. itoshii hito [link] meaning "my dear." sorry this version is so long. i like it when the song gets louder, and his breathing is more intense.. hot. you can really tell at that point of the song that he's singing from his heart. i really admire that.

*another slower sounding song called yappari megumi ga suki [link].. meaning "i'm in love with a goddess".. i really like this one too

okay that's enough meevers for you guys. just thought i'd introduce him.

3:38 AM

yup.. it sure was.
let's see.. friday night i became single.. saturday i drank and watched movies with my mom. monday, i was awakened by a swarm of ants trying to get inside from the rain - through my window, down my curtain, and onto my bed. there was at least 200 of them. so i went to my dad's room to sleep but i couldnt because my dad's sister's loud ass friend came over. finally i go to school, take my test, start to drive home and i get STUCK in the freaking flood. the water was so high, all i could do was turn into a nearby complex. i sat at a mediterranean restaurant by myself for 2-3 hours waiting for my dad to pick me up in his truck. meanwhile, i was completely DRENCHED from walking to my car in the school parking lot. it was as if i jumped into a pool. there was a poor girl who was trying to walk in the rain but her umbrella broke and bent backwards in the rain. if it wasn't for that stupid test i would have never gone. at least i made a 90 on it.

wednesday i took another test and then headed to kona grill, where i ran into my ex bf who i dated when i was 17, and some other people. we went to this place in midtown. we had so much fun.. most fun i'd had in a really long time. my back still hurts. i'll show ya pictures in a min.

friday we were supposed to watch nightmare b4 xmas in 3d but someone didn't believe that it was going to sellout. but it was okay because we had some free drinks instead. we went to a party with fausto and germ and i swear i've never seen so many people at a party esp at a little house near montrose. umm.. some other stuff happened that's none of your business :D and something else that someone said when i got home online that's got me wondering.. please be my neighbor ;]

finally got to see nightmare before xmas on saturday. pretty much the same thing with some 3d stuff in it. still cool. but there weren't any parts that you would see in a movie that was made to be in 3d like in the 3d imax or moody gardens.. you know where its completely sticking out of the screen and you wanna grab it or dodge out of its way. 3d movies are one of my favorite things. watched the movie and more drinking.. bla bla blah. who cares about specifics. here's pictures of wednesday night.

notice the guy pointing lol

this MOFO is damn strong.. he danced like this for a little bit. then he bent down holding me like this til my head and back were an inch from the floor. i swear i thought he was going to drop me. and he kept flinging me around..


hey.. does anyone notice his zipper is down?! o_0

and there are 2 guys who did not get in any of the pictures.. i'm going to get you next time. and i probably won't write exactly what i did in a while.. i just thought this week was like a crescendo. double forte!

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2:18 PM

so vanilla ice is on tour at the moment. he was in houston on 9.29 at scout bar.. i wonder how many people actually showed up. yeah he was the first popular white rapper, (aside from beastie boys but i don't consider them in the same genre), but i still think eminem was the true groundbreaker.
why on earth would vanilla come back on tour? i think he'd be spending more money than he would any sort of profit. "welcome to the second ice age" it says on his website. ha. his latest album was in 01 and nobody really cared. the coolest thing he probably ever did was be in the teenage mutant ninja turtles movie (who also by the way are coming out with a new computer animated movie in march). and what gets me is the people who have v-ice tattoos! oh nooo what have you done!

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lots of indian videos popping up.. like tunak and the little dancing boy.. lol they want some attention