The house made famous in the 'Nightmare On Elm Street' horror movies is up for sale.

The four bedroom home - which is actually on Genesee Avenue - is on the market for $1 million, according to Celebrity Week.



this dude was put in jail for molesting a 10 yr old named katy. apparently he woke up one day in jail with the tattoo on his forehead.. investigators believe it was a fellow inmate. owned.


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an AWESOME link..

EVERY episode of simpsons, futurama, south park, family guy, and american dad

right here [link]

better watch while you can cuz you know this site's going to get shut down.

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this is the coolest thing.. it took me a while to see it, but once the images pop out, you get the hang of it..

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Search Google and Yahoo at the same time

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That tiny pale dot so delicately placed inside that red square is the Earth viewed from the Cassini spacecraft now orbiting Saturn 1.5 billion km from our planet.

And to shamelessly paraphrase Carl Sagan’s brilliant words in Pale Blue Dot, that tiny speck is the home of everything we know and love — all those people, those places, those things we enjoy and despise and desire and kill and “struggle” for. Everything is in that tiny dot. From this perspective, it’s very easy to realize how all our grand designs, “immortal” aspirations, and sheer egoism is pathetically laughable — as all those “great” things will never go beyond the fragile confines of that tiny speck we call home.

And still you think you’re such a big shot?

-JB Lazarte

Digital displays in the near future have high resolution, are paper-thin, and can be rolled up like a newspaper.

That’s what this bunch of University of Cambridge researchers are developing. And the clincher, says Dr. Keith Seffen of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, is that the structures will use regular sheets of copper alloy and will not even require any advanced manufacturing processes or special materials.

“[The sheets] are simply made and their operation does not rely upon advanced materials.” He adds that the sheets will be stiff, but still foldable. Since no hinges or locks are required to fold the material, Seffen predicts that the sheets could actually be cheaper and faster to produce than traditional folding materials.

JB Lazarte

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the best time to buy everything

pretty damn nifty.. like this one:

When to buy: Early morning or late evening on a weekday.
Why: Time your trip based on whether prices are rising or falling, advises Marshall Brain, founder of HowStuffWorks, a consumer guide. Gas stations tend to change their prices between 10 a.m. and noon, so hit the pump in the early morning if gas prices are on the rise. Go later in the day if prices are falling. Tipsters on reported that on Sept. 3, a WaWa gas station in Lanoka Harbor, N.J., was offering regular gas for $2.85 a gallon. One day later the station's price had dropped to $2.65. In that case, going early would have cost you 20 cents more per gallon.

Try not to buy gas on the weekends, Brain says. Gas prices are often slightly elevated, as stations try to profit from leisure travelers.

the faith dog
that is insane!

they said they might put the dog on a harry potter movie

a different video with better quality

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playing with a barbie but at least we know he's not gay..

seems teleportation isnt so far off..

Wekwekwek: "Once you've entangled 5 subatomic particles and separated them...this leads to the idea of teleportation"

link to essay

if ya know me, then you know that i play games 24.7..

top 10 universities for gamers based on a U.S. survey

1 University of Texas
2 Penn State
3 Rochester Institute of Technology
5 Digipen (Redmond, WA)
7 Georgia Tech
8 University of Minnesota
9 University of Michigan
10 Full Sail

number one right here in tx!


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this couch "counsels" couples by showing with lights if they're drifting too far apart.. yeah this will replace a real counselor anyday..

article link

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firefox lies..

from "vonnegutsasshole"

"According to an old urban legend, if you closely examine the artwork on a pack of Camel cigarettes, you can see what kinda, sorta, just barely looks like an erect penis. Some people claim there's a penis on the camel's neck. Others think there's a guy with a huge boner hidden somewhere in the camel's torso and front legs. Don't believe me? Take a closer look:

Of course, there are the naysayers who'll argue that it's really just a bunch of random dots, and that only a lonely smoker, ostracized from society because of his filthy habit, would waste his time looking for nonexistent phalluses. But these are usually the same people who think that Oswald was the lone gunman or that the moon-landing of 1969 wasn't staged in a Burbank warehouse. Some people just can't appreciate a good conspiracy."

Stingray kills 'Crocodile Hunter'

who would have guessed it would have been a stringray

thanks to amjad/fever for sending this.