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Ashlee Simpson- Not too many people know about this, but if you rearrange the letters in her name, you get “So Ha, Semen Lips.” It’s an ingenious way to really sum up her only talent, because I know for a fact her music isn’t it. - freak safari personally i don't see how anyone finds her attractive. the clef chin and the personality completely throws it off, and not to mention the music. her entire career should have died after that lip syncing mishap on saturday night live. between the two sisters i'd have to say jessica has the most talent, she is more attractive, even though she used butt pads in her movie. she's just a moron, good for nick lachey.. he was too good for her. he did everything for her and planned surprises and all she could do was whine and act like a baby.
jessica simpson - moron 1
jessica simpson - moron 2

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